Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted. Mostly because I've been hella busy, like really busy. I just released a new single, "Stop and Stare" a couple weeks ago and it's been taking off in some parts of the world! Argentina seems to really like it, Brazil likes it, and it made some big European party playlists and a really awesome playlist in the US. So thanks to everyone for the support! When releasing a new song, it's always a concern that it'll never be heard, so I'm really thankful that it's being listened to. I've had some people ask what "Stop and Stare" is about! I think most people reading this can relate to my experience. I'm talking about when someone is staring at you, and they just won't look away. Now, this can be any situation, from someone staring at you because they think you look hella fine, or because you're harbouring some food in your teeth (we ALL know that feeling, amirite?) Either way, it's about having a connection with a person that you don't know. I can say that's happened to me a few times so far. While this song just came out, I recorded it last September and have been excitedly waiting to release it. To your left, you can witness a picture of me doing some nerdy thing in the studio. It was honestly so gorgeous in there, easily the nicest studio I've been in so far. Now believe it or not, I was SUPER sick while recording this song. But as an indie artist, if you've booked recording time and flown to another city for less than 48 hours to record two songs, there's no way you're cancelling that session. Noooooo way. So, you go to a pharmacy, talk to a nice pharmacist, get them to recommend something with some punch, and head to work. I'd actually like to thank that pharmacist in person, because it cleared me right up, and I was able to sing the way I Intended. Ian Prince (he produced 5 songs on my EP -- I mentioned him a few blog posts ago), produced "Stop and Stare" and I had an awesome sound engineer, Karl Dicaire, who also happens to be from Edmonton! We had a great 2 days recording and I have many fond memories of that session. Now for the music video, some people have asked me, "why the crazy light show"? Well, from the beginning I knew I wanted
Letters From Pluto
Photo by Ivy D https://ivydiep.com
something flashy to go with the whole stop and stare lyric. At first I was considering a different idea, but we couldn't make it work (maybe I'll save that one for the future). A few ideas later, we settled on the lighting rig concept and the music video was born. There was a lot of setup involved in the video, then once we started filming, we finished it in a few hours! (As opposed to the Cold Right Now music video, that was a much longer process.) The video shoot was a total blast and I'm so thankful to everyone involved!   Like crazy light shows? Then check out the video here!