Hey everyone!! I meant to post this a long time ago, since the music video for "Cold Right Now" came out in November! But alas, time flies. Have you seen the music video for Cold Right Now? If not, watch it first, then come back to this post. Watch here! You've watched it? Good. This music video was a tremendous amount of physical work. I look like I'm just walking around and that it was simple, but whooooooa boy, we had to trek through the forest to get those shots. And not just a flat forest, we had to hike up hills, over massive roots, through heavy bushes...it was intense, but so, so much fun. The car could only bring us so far, so we had to carry all our equipment through the forest. To get an idea of the incline we were dealing with, check out the pic on your right, under "flights climbed". And let me tell you, I didn't climb any stairs that day. ;P  We had an 8:30am start time, went straight into hair and makeup, began filming a bit later, and then filmed till late in the night, and we did that for two days! One of which we filmed till 2am. Suffice to say, I slept like a rock the next couple days. But I'm so, so incredibly happy with the way the final video turned out! I feel so lucky to have had such an incredible crew on board, they made the experience so special.