Hey everyone! For those of you wondering why I haven't updated this blog in quite some time (or those of you coming to this site for the first time and have no idea who I am), it's because time has flown! Six months ago I released my single, Cold Right Now (Redekopp Remix) and it feels like it's been at least a year since then because it's been so crazy! Soon after releasing CRN, I attended Canadian Music week in Toronto, which deserves a post onto itself (But alas, this must do for now).

Toronto Week 1 - Canadian Music Week

During Canadian Music Week, it was a complete rush. Imagine this for a moment: 8am: Conference starts Rush around like a crazy person because there are 5 panels with industry experts going on at the same time and you want to attend them all but it's impossible, so you start researching the internet for cloning technology. You forget to eat, drink, sit, sleep....etc. Proper nutrition gets thrown out the window and you survive on caffeine. Too bad I was on a caffeine ban at that time. I never felt like I was fully awake the entire time. And the conference would go till approximately 6-7pm every night. Then the real fun would begin. Shows (musical showcases) start at 8pm and go till approximately 2-3am every morning. And even though the music would end then, you'd be wired from watching some awesome new talent and be awake till at least 4am. Or be woken up by some apartment neighbour who decided it would be fun to throw a rave at 5am. Fun. Then be back at the conference for 8am once again. Rinse repeat. Imagine if you will, thousands of sleep deprived, coffee inspired, adrenaline fuelled: musicians, artists, managers, agents, marketing and PR peeps, etc. Everyone was beyond exhausted, including me. I think I was surviving on approximately 3 hours of sleep for more than a few nights, but I was THRIVING. I loved every second. I met some incredible people, wonderful musicians and some key players in the industry and made some friends for life. I can't wait to go back again next year. Oh I should also mention. Know the song Cheerleader? I met the producer. Actually the nicest guy ever. He also has the coolest shoes ever. Unfortunately not pictured. (Photo right)  
I also met one of Drake's producers, OVO 40. I've never seen so many rappers in one place at one time trying to get someone's attention. Here he is in the middle, super chill, even though on the other side of the camera, there were 30 people trying to talk to him at the same time. (photo left) That was only week 1 of my Toronto trip.

Toronto Week 2 - Radio tour

Week 2 consisted of an even more hectic (if that's even possible) schedule around Toronto and area. After getting 1 day to recuperate from the sleep deprivation that Canadian Music Week caused, my guitar player and I set forth on an adventure that included driving hundreds and hundreds (maybe even thousands) of kilometers (we use the Metric system, k?) and hours spent on the road. Within 5 days, we had 15 radio visits/performances across 10 cities. We'd finish one stop, drive quickly to the next stop, get out of the car and sometimes forget where we were! If you live near Toronto, maybe we visited your city! We went to: Guelph, Kitchener, St. Catharines (made a quick stop at Niagara Falls for a picture), London, Toronto, Peterborough, Belleville, Kingston, Hamilton and Scarborough. Those 5 days were a complete rush and thinking back, the days blend together. But it was so much fun. Huge thanks to all the stations and lovely people that had us in. I loved meeting everyone and getting to chat. The people that work in radio stations are among some of the funniest people you'll ever meet, especially radio hosts, they're beyond witty.

And then something super exciting happened...

  On the way to one station, while still in the car, I received a phone call telling me that I won iHeartRadio Future Star Award for the month of May! I ended up making noises that were a combination of screaming and crying, while Derek (my guitar player) wondered what the hell was going on. Even though I won Future Star, I had to wait almost a full week before I could make that information public. Now that was hard. But when I could finally announce, I was beyond elated to share with my family, friends, and new people! Winning iHeartRadioFuture Star blasted my song CRN across the country into new ears, and I'm so incredibly grateful. Those 2 weeks in Toronto were more exciting than I could have imagined. Check back for another blog update soon! ~LF Pluto