Last month was a total blur of excitement as Kristin Glass Events and I planned Letters From Pluto: Live in Space! Now that the dust has settled on Live in Space!, there are some sponsors that need to be thanked. I'll be sharing another blog post in the coming month discussing all the details of the event, everything from setup and Soundcheck to after the show, but right now I need to thank some incredible businesses that made the event possible.  

Jupiter Level


Venus Level

              And last but most definitely not least, I need to give a big thanks to my event partner for Live in Space!, Kristin Glass Events. Without these sponsors, it would have been impossible to put on this show. I'm truly grateful for all their support and generosity. Thank you for supporting my music and the local arts scene. Please go check out their websites! And also, at this time, I'd like to give a big thank you to all the volunteers that helped put up sposters and helped spread the word through social media.  You also made setup and the show run as smooth as possible. Without you guys, it would have been nowhere near as magical. Thank you so much to everyone involved. It was truly a night to remember! Check back soon for another post on the event! ~LF Pluto

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