Bobby Cameron is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. And when I say that, I truly mean that. Bobby hails from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. At a young age, Bobby very quickly became known as a phenomenal guitar player and won a Canada wide guitar competition. Bobby now works as a singer/songwriter and producer in Edmonton, Alberta. Bobby is the first producer I ever worked with, so I'm going to tell you a little story: Let's take a step back for a second and rewind to a few years ago.  I had never sung in a studio before, had never seen ridiculously complicated producing software and never had someone say "alright, just one more take." That was me. I was a total newbie to the music industry and didn't know a darn thing about where to start. I had started writing songs a few years previous to meeting Bobby, but never thought being from Edmonton, that it could take me anywhere. I truly had no idea of the possibilities out there and I was for the lack of a better word, ignorant. When I first met Bobby, I freaked out hearing my voice back for the first time, and was constantly amazed by all the things I didn't know. I truly have to thank Bobby for so much. Bobby is one of those people who lives and breathes music. When he's listening to a track he likes, or he's playing, you can see it in every fibre of his being. Through the few years that I worked with Bobby, I learned a tremendous amount about the music industry, the hustle you need to have, the drive, the love, and the passion required to make it a career. Bobby helped turn me from a nervous first time studio singer, into someone who knows what they want, the sound they're looking for, and the passion to keep chugging forward. I have wonderful memories with Bobby where he taught me about the industry, and sometimes just getting downright awesome pep talks. I've learned more than words can explain and owe him so much. One of the songs he produced is on my self titled EP, "Letters From Pluto". The song is called "Feel it Now". It comes from a very personal place and I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks Bobby for everything, you're the best xoxox Check out his website HERE ~LF Pluto

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