Letters from Pluto with Ian Prince

click here You know when you meet someone in life and you think, “Dayuuum….this person is incredible at what they do?” Yeah, that’s Ian Prince.

cialis generico 10 mg Ian has been producing for quite some time. From the age of 17 (if I remember correctly), he realized it was his calling. Well I’m not surprised, because the man is quite simply, a musician genius. And oh yeah, he has a GRAMMY. No biggie! (insert me freaking out when he told me)  Ian hails from London, UK, but now resides in Vancouver, BC. I had the opportunity to travel to him last summer and work on 5 of the 7 tracks you hear on the EP. –Knock you out, On Fire, Another World Away, Won’t Say Sorry, and Warriors.

source link I worked with Ian pretty extensively  over the summer; sometimes in person, other times remotely, and there’s one thing I know for sure, Ian constantly has music rolling around in his head. I’ve never met someone so musically inclined, or someone that can hear a song, then turn around and play it on the piano with ease 10 seconds later. His piano skills are simply phenomenal and his love for music is clear, but truly his passion for life is what makes him such a wonderful person to be around. When you’re trapped in a room with someone for hours on end, sometimes it can become grating, but with Ian, I soaked up Every. Single. Second. He was truly a joy to be around! He pushed me to do my absolute best (even when I was getting frustrated with myself. Harmonies are hard, k?), and he always believed in me and what we were creating. Ian has become so much more than just a producer to me, he’s become a mentor, friend, and someone I know I can call up who will be genuinely excited to hear from me.

enter site Did I also mention that he’s click here suuuuper cool?! During our downtime, we enjoyed talking about our favourite TV shows of the moment (which was The 100 by the way–we’re obsessed), and about life and the industry. I learned an incredible amount about producing just from watching him work, and learned even more about the industry from our chats.

source site Ian, thank you so much for all your guidance and support. I’ve learned so much from you and can’t wait to work together again one day!!

prednisone price ~LF Pluto

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