Every time I see my Album artwork I get chills. And I've looked a LOT of times (no jokes. Probably 200 times!!). There are many people I have to thank for their amazing effort in getting the photos to look so cool! I've had quite a few questions about how the shots were taken, where they were taken, and who they were taken by. Well the how and where are a secret! (SHHHH), but I can tell you who the fantastic photographer is! Late last summer, I had the wonderful experience of shooting my album artwork with my friend Tyler Blackwood over at Tyler Blackwood Photography. I had previously seen some of Tyler's beautiful photos through a mutual friend on Facebook and thought to myself, "self, you gotta work with this guy." Well I'm sure glad I did. Tyler and I met for the first time at a coffee shop to discuss photo ideas and we hit it off IMMEDIATELY. Three hours and two coffees later, I knew that Tyler would end up being an important part of my life. He has become one of my favourite people in this world, and also coincidentally one of the coolest guys I've ever met. When it came to photoshoot day, I was amazed by his professionalism (even though he says he was nervous...YOU HIDE IT WELL!), humour and positive attitude; even though it was super hot and we were getting SWARMED BY WASPS (literally all day. I think they followed us). By the end of the day, all our hard work paid off, and we were rewarded with the super cool shots you see on my Album Cover. Let me just say, the photos are NOT photoshopped; he captured all the moments in their glory. Thanks Tyler for all your hard work in making these photos amazing. Also, I can't finish this post without thanking my AMAZING Drones. You guys sweat it out for hours and hours in those clothes and helmets. These photos would be nothing without you guys. Thanks for your hard work, love, and continued support. And for the behind the scenes help, thanks for everything you did to make the day run smoother. Your help and presence alone made the day more fun. You have no idea how much you've all impacted my life and I thank you for everything you continue to do. Love you guys, ~LF Pluto

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